How to run EOY roll-out

When you run the PAC End of Year roll-out, SAMS changes the Beginning of Year date and the End of Year date.  Both dates (BOY & EOY) will increase by one year.  For example, 01/01/2003 will become 01/01/2004.

Next, SAMS will recalculate all of the totals (Lifetime, YTD, state, federal).  Your year to date total will zero out.  The year to date will now show the total transactions for the current year.

Your data has not been lost or deleted.  All transactions are still there and are now part of the lifetime total.

You can go back and look at past transactions by clicking on the Transactions Tab.

You can enter PAC payments for the next year before you do the roll out.  Your lifetime totals will update accordingly.  They will show up in your YTD totals after you run the roll out.

*Note*  If you enter a PAC payment and it doesn't show up on the YTD totals, check the BOY & EOY dates that you set up in the PAC Info screen.  The payment more than likely does not fall between those dates.