Professional Directory

Use the directory screen to create a record for your professional membership directory. You can also use the simple built in accounting fields to track monies for your directory listings. You can also use this screen to store additional information for this individual.

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Field Descriptions


SAMS automatically assigns an ID number for this individual.

Directory Year

The current year is inserted for you.

Directory Type

 Enter the letter for the type of directory for this listing. For example, enter a B for Buyers Guide.

Address Flag

Enter a check here if you would like the directory record to have the same address as the individual record. Whenever this information changes on the individual's record, the directory's record changes with it.  

First, MI, and Last Name

By default, SAMS enters this individual's first, middle initials, and last name for you. You can change the information in these fields.


Enter a suffix for this individual, for example Jr. or III.


Enter a position for this individual.


SAMS enters the firm name from the individual's initial record.

Sort Name

Enter the sort name you wish to use for the directory. If the individual works for a firm that is a member, SAMS enters the member sort name here (usually the first six characters of the firm name). For example, if the name is The Red Bar, sort this firm by THE RED or RED BAR.

Address 1 and 2

The address line 1 and 2 are completed in from the individual's record.  You can change the information in this field.

City, State, and Zip Code

SAMS inserts the city, state, and zip code for you. However, you can change any information in these fields.


Enter the country for this individual.

Telephone and Fax

The telephone and fax numbers are inserted for you. However, you can change this information.

Cell Phone

Enter the cell phone number.

No of Paid List


No of Free List


Base Fee




% Discount