Professional Member Dues

As a professional association, you may have several different types of dues you bill your members.  For example, besides the regular membership dues, you could have chapter dues or national dues.  Also, you could create a dues code for member services you might bill for such as insurance or dental plans.

Before you can assign a dues code, you must first create a look up code.

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Field Descriptions

Member ID and Name

This is the Members Id number. The computer automatically assigns the id number. The name is at the top of the screen in the blue section of this bitmap.

Member Type and Description

This field represents the Member's type, for example, a "PM" for Professional Member.

Chapter No.

SAMS auto-fills this information from the individuals first screen.

Status Code and Reason

This is the Members status and status reason description.  For example, "A" for active, "I" for inactive, "T" for terminated, and “D” for delete. SAMS will globally change all active members who have not paid to inactive by clicking on Tools, Members, and selecting Inactivate/Terminate/Delete program. This is a great marketing tool! You may send a letter to all inactive members, and ask why they haven’t rejoined.

Dues Code and Description

Dues codes are established as look-up codes.