Professional Members

For professional associations, the members are individuals.  The billing information is kept on the professional membership screen.

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Field Descriptions

Member ID and Name

This is the Members Id number. The computer automatically assigns the id number. The name is at the top of the screen in the blue section of this bitmap.

Member Type and Description

This field represents the Member's type, for example, a "PM" for Professional Member.

Chapter No.

SAMS auto-fills this information from the individuals first screen.

Status Code and Reason

This is the Members status and status reason description.  For example, "A" for active, "I" for inactive, "T" for terminated, and “D” for delete. SAMS will globally change all active members who have not paid to inactive by clicking on Tools, Members, and selecting Inactivate/Terminate/Delete program. This is a great marketing tool! You may send a letter to all inactive members, and ask why they haven’t rejoined.

Bill Month/ Year

This field shows the current bill month for this member and the current year. All members are billed by a bill month. For the associations that bill only once a year, you will give all active members the same bill month. For the associations that bill on the member’s anniversary date, you give them the bill month their membership expires.

Payment Type

Enter an "S" if the member will be billed with a statement. Most members are billed this way.


Enter the frequency at which you are going to bill this member, for example, enter "A" for annual, "Q" for quarterly, and "M" for monthly.

Dues Amount

SAMS will default the dues amount based on the dues codes entered from the next screen.

Level Amount

This user defined field can be used to track voluntary dues that members may pay.

Pmt Freq Amt

This is a sub total of the amount that will be billed to the member. This is the total payment amount due, based off from the frequency you entered above.

Account Number and Routing Number

These fields are used for bank drafts. This is the Member's bank account number and the bank routing number.

Previous Dues Code and Date

When you change a dues code, the previous dues code is displayed here along with the date it was changed.

Enrolled Date

The date the member was enrolled.

Bill Date

The last date the member was billed.

Sustaining Date

The date the last sustaining payment was made.

Paid Date

The last date the member paid.

Reinstated Date

The date the member was reinstated to your membership.

Status Date

The date the member's status changed from Active.

Expiration Date

The date this member's membership expires.  If you check "Use Expiration Date" in the Association Info Options page, the system will auto fill the default expiration date found on the Association Info Accounting page.

$ Beginning Balance

The member's beginning balance.

Billed amount

The amount this member is billed.

+ Adjust amount

An adjusted amount for the member.

- Paid amount

The last amount the member paid.

= Balance

SAMS automatically calculates the balance of a member.

Note: The adjustment amount is added to the amount billed. Therefore, if a credit should be applied, a negative sign will appear.

User Initials and Last Chg

SAMS insert the users initials and the date this record was last changed.