Products Accounting Tab

Field Descriptions

GL Company

If you have multiple General Ledger companies, enter the appropriate one here.


The GL Accounts Receivable account.

GL Income

The GL income account

GL Sales Tax

The GL sales tax account.

GL Base Dir

The GL base directory - typically just for SBT accounting interface.

Beginning Inventory

Enter the beginning inventory amount for this particular product.  At the end of the year, you can run the end of year roll-out for orders.  At that time, SAMS will automatically enter the "new" beginning of year inventory.

Beginning Inv Date

In addition to the above steps, SAMS  will automatically enter the date in which the end of year roll-out was conducted.

Cost Each

SAMS will also enter the cost of this particular item at the beginning of year.

Royalty %

Enter the percentage of royalty that is to be paid for each product.