This option allows you to make changes to the Expo Registration Attendees.

Change Registered Attendees to Not Reg

SAMS will change the Registered Attendees as being not registered.


Export Attendees

This procedure is used to export attendee information from the main office so that it can be imported to the trade show on-site server.  Many times an association will keep their web based registration open while also registering people on-site.  This option is used to move the data from the web application server to the on-site server.


Import Attendees

This procedure is used by the on-site trade show server to import the exported data file mentioned above.


Recalculate Hotel Availability Totals

This procedure should be run to get accurate counts for hotel availability totals.  Sometimes after deleting and changing reservations, the data will not be updated automatically.


Update Attendee Hall Information

The procedure is used to update your hall information with a dbf file that comes from a third party trade show.