SAMS C/S is written for both the beginner and sophisticated database users to be productive right away.   Our product, SAMS C/S is written in the Delphi language with the Advantage Client/Server database.  We have incorporated Seagateís Crystal Reports as the report writer. Therefore it is reliable, fast, and intuitive. You can maintain your membership information as well as prospects, PAC, exhibitors, attendees, and orders. There are several additional modules to help you track a variety of information including Center of Influence, Event Scheduler, and Legislator tracking.

Delphi 7.0 Program Language

Borlandís Delphi product is a 32 bit architecture programming language. Itís the next generation in the world of software. Delphi is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool that is especially well suited to building Internet, database, and distributed applications.

Client / Server Technology

Client/server can be characterized by the division of an application into components processed on different networked computers. It is made up of two parts: a client, which requests a service or information from a server; and a server, which processes the request, performs the service, and returns only the requested information to the client. Applications based on the client/sever model of computing provide greater speed in deploying application functionality across a network. . The power of client/sever is that it allows network traffic to be kept at a minimum. The definition of client/server technology is provided by Technology Services Organization of America.