Speaker Evaluation Tab

This feature will allow you to record survey data about your speakers on a per-event basis and then create reports to show different ratings.

*Note:  This was a custom project requested by a client and we thought several of you might also enjoy its features.  At this time, the actual paper form of your Speaker Evaluation needs to be created using a separate program such as Word or Publisher; this tab allows for data entry and analysis.

The Speaker Evaluations are created on a PER EVENT basis.  Therefore, you will go to the event in which the speaker participated to create the evaluation.

First you will need to create your question bank in the Event Evaluation Questions Lookup Codes under the Meetings module.

Select the Event and go to the Evaluation Tab.  

On the left side of the window you see the Question Type, and on the right is the Question Bank.  Create the Question Bank in the Lookup codes.

For each question (1-10), select the question from the question bank that you wish to include in the Evaluation.

Questions 1,2,3,4 are answered based on a 1-5 scale.

Questions 5,6,7,8 are YES or NO questions.

Questions 9, 10 are EITHER/OR questions- the answer selection in the database will be the first letter of the two items you are comparing.

(A section for comments is also available on the actual evaluation form for each event.)

You will record the data by right clicking on the Event Table and selecting EVALUATIONS.