Speaker Information

Speakers must first be added to the individual module.  Once that is taken care of, you can add multiple speakers to a meeting and then take it to the next level of assigning them to specific events at that meeting.

Field Descriptions


The individual's ID number.  The speakers must reside within your individual database.

Speaker Type

Speaker type refers to the category of speaker.  For example: membership development, Board orientation, etc.

First, MI, Last

First, middle and last name.


Title of the speaker.


What firm is the speaker from?


Speaker's address

City, State, Zip Code

City, state and zip code.


Enter Country.

Tel, Fax

The speaker's telephone and fax numbers.


Their email address.

Please NOTE, in order to update the Speaker database when the Individual record is updated (address, phone, fax, etc), you must have an option turned on in the Association Info table.  Under the Options tab in Assoc. Info., please place a checkmark in "Change Attendee Record?".  When this option is turned on and the information exactly matches the INDV table, the record in the Speaker table will be changed when updated in INDV.