How to copy database to laptop?

Go into Window Explorer and locate the Q:\dapps\memb directory

Once the dapps\memb directory is on your local drive, locate the file SAMS.exe in c:\dapps\memb directory.

Verify the following:

The final step is to open the c:\dapps\memb\ads.ini file and change the directory from

Q to C

To also add Crystal to your desktop to work with SAMS:

Install Crystal on your laptop under a C:\CRW folder.

In order to get Crystal Reports to use your SAMS Advantage Database on your laptop, make sure you copy the following files:

NOTE:  In SAMS Utilities User setup, be sure to complete the field for:

Crystal RW Location - Enter the C:\CRW\crw32.exe

After completing these steps, you should be able to use Crystal Reports and pull data from SAMS on your laptop.  Be sure to be disconnected from the network before starting Crystal to test a report.

If returning from a Trade Show or Meeting event, you need to remember to copy any of your updated data files to the network drive (Q:\dapps\memb\data).  Be sure to only replace files that were not changed on the network since the time you downloaded the database files to the laptop for the conference.