Sending Data to TSC

This function is used when you need to send your files to The Semarca Corporation for custom programming or technical support related issues.  

It is very important that you make sure that all other users are out of SAMS and Crystal Reports/SAMS Report Designer before you zip the files or they will not zip correctly.  All tables that are open at the time of the zip will NOT be included and will not be sent to TSC.  You can help prevent this from happening by using the "Email Users Get Out" function.  You can reach this by going to Utilities > Users and click on the button in the top right corner.  This will send all your SAMS users a friendly reminder email stating they have 3 minutes to finish whatever task they are working on and exit the database.  After deleting the shutdown.txt file from your dapps/memb folder, you can proceed with zipping the files.  Upon completion of this procedure, you can go back in and click "Email Users Back In" to send the users an email stating it is OK to log back into SAMS .

Before starting this procedure, you must close out of SAMS and log back in and proceed DIRECTLY with the Utilities/Send Data to TSC menu.  Do NOT open any other menu item first.



If you want to send a single file, such as a report, you can use the "Enter Single File" section.  Simply use the ellipsis button to map out to the location on your hard drive or server of the file you wish to send and click on "Run".

NOTE:  You can also use this utility to zip your database for internal use - such as before billing, etc.  Simply select "zip only" in the bottom left corner and then click on "Run".