End-of-Expo Roll-out

Before you begin, please make sure you have a good backup and everyone is out of the system. The End of Expo Roll-out is run once you have gathered all the necessary info for expo and ran the necessary reports..  When you run the E-O-Y Roll-out, you need to answer a few questions:



Is everyone out of SAMS?

Make sure everyone is out of the package.

Update Points?

Do you want SAMS to update the points for this exhibitor?

Update Points for Non-Members?

Do you want SAMS to add points even though this exhibitor is not a member?

Give exhibitor only 1 point for exhibiting?

All exhibitors will be assigned one point for exhibiting.

Assign points for active members?

Active members of the association will receive (additional) points for exhibiting.

Reset points to zero for exhibitors not exhibiting since ___

Use this option to zero out the point totals for exhibitors who have not exhibited since the year entered in the text box.

Delete Booth Staff?

Do you want the staff assigned to each booth deleted?

Delete Buyer's Guide Information?

Do you want SAMS to delete the directory information on each exhibitor or do you want to keep that information?

Change Buyer's Guide Expo number to?

If you do not delete the Buyer's Guide information, you can ensure that it will be available for the next Expo.  Enter that Expo number here.