This option is used to manage members who have not paid their dues. This program is run as part of your end of billing procedure.  


For example, if you bill once a year, the member will go from an A to an I for non payment. Then the next time you run the I/T/D program, they would go from an I to a T for non payment.  Then the next time you run the I/T/D program they would go from a T to a D so the system would know to delete them from the database.  


SAMS looks at the dues code table at the inact? field to see which member types should be included.


Caution, once a member has been deleted they can not be recovered except from a backup tape. In the Association Information screen, you can set the time limit for the system to delete members after X number of years.  


SAMS changes these records in the following way:


Status    Status Reason                   Status Date

A to I      01= Non payment              Today's date

 I to T      01= Non payment              Today's date

T to D     Deleted from the system   N/A