How to Assign Rights

For ease of data entry when assigning rights, after adding the user information (on the previous tab) select the security tab.  You will notice the is turned on.  Determine the majority of rights this user will be assigned and enter it into the default level.  Of course, you can change specific tables where the user will have less or more rights than the default level.


If you have a individual in your association who has the exact security level on all tables, you can copy those rights by selecting the button.  The list of users will appear, simply select who you would like to copy and save.

There are 3 types of rights to assign.  NOTE that under the Type heading, the three types include:

F - Forms (this allows rights to work with data in the tables with assigned rights of 0-4)

L - Lookup Codes (this allows rights to work with the lookup tables with assigned rights of 0-4)

M - Menus (this allows rights to view the Menu for each module available/purchased with
                    assigned rights of 0 or 1 for no access and at least a 2 to access)