Every user for SAMS must have a security file. You can grant certain rights and restrict access to modules throughout the package. These options can only be accessed by a supervisor. Please see your system administrator for details.

The data tab must be completed prior to assigning security rights.

Login for SAMS uses the LAN ID and Password.  If you make a mistake on one of these fields, SAMS will take you back to the proper field for correct data to enter.


Field Descriptions

First Name

Enter the userís first name in this field. This is the userís login name.

Middle Initial

Middle initials of user

Last  Name

Enter the userís last and first name in this field.


Initials of this user


Enter the Local Area Network ID for this user.  The first name is typically used here.


You must assign each user a password upon initial set-up.  The password will appear encrypted.  They can change their password if they would like using the change password utility.


This box will be checked if the current user record is that of the supervisor. When you enter a new user, you may check this box to give a new user supervisor privileges. There is no need to select any access limitations; those users with supervisor status are automatically given complete access to the entire program.


If desired, you can enter the individual's phone number.  

Def Dir

Enter the specific name of the directory in where SAMS resides on the server.


Enter the user's email address.  This will allow the supervisor to quickly and efficiently get everyone out of SAMS C/S when an update must be run.

Crystal RW Location

Enter the drive and location where Crystal Reports resides.

Edit CB Caller ID?

Will the user be able to edit the call back caller ID?

Edit Userís CB only?

Enter a check if you want to restrict this user to be able to edit only those call back record that have their user name attached.

Edit Member Contact?

Enter a check if you want this user to be able to edit the contact information for a member record.

Edit Expo Contact?

Enter a check if you want this user to be able to edit the contact information for an exhibitor record.

Use Extended MAPI?

SAMS utilizes extended MAPI (such as Outlook) for email.  Associations using simple MAPI email programs such as GroupWise or Outlook Express would turn this option off.

Email Signature

Each user can personalize the emails they send within SAMS.

Email Password

This field must be filled in for all users.  To obtain this password in Outlook go to Tools > Accounts > Properties > Servers and look at the Account Name field.

Badge Printer No.

Enter the number of the printer to use for printing badges.

Badge Printer URL

Enter the URL address for the printer to print badges.