How to Download SAMS Updates

Downloading updates in SAMS is simple.  All it takes is a few steps, and you're on your way to the latest and greatest version of SAMS.

Step 1-

In SAMS, go to Utilities>SAMS Updates.

Step 2-

On the Download SAMS Updates screen, in the "Choose File" field, scroll down and select the update you wish to download.

*Note* If you are behind by several versions, you must download and run each update release in chronological order for them to work. Check what version you are currently operating by going to HELP and select About.*

Click on Receive.

Your update will be downloaded to the Q:\dapps\memb folder.  After the file is received, close the Download SAMS Updates screen.

Step 3-

Go to Utilities> Users and click .  Doing this will send all users an email message stating that they have 3 minutes to finish their activities in SAMS and then the system will be shut down for maintenance.  This is a very important step if you wish for your update to run smoothly!

Make sure everyone is out of Crystal Report Writer or SAMS Report Designer.

Step 4-

When everyone is out of SAMS and Crystal Report Writer, log yourself out of SAMS and proceed to Run the SAMS Update.