How to Run SAMS Updates/Releases

Once you have downloaded the correct update, you need to run it.

1.  Click on START on the bottom left of your computer screen.

2.  Select RUN from the menu.

3.  Click on the BROWSE button and go to the Q:\dapps\memb\ folder.  If you are not using Q:\ as your drive for SAMS then replace the Q:\ with your drive letter.

4.  Find the file (SAMS 3.0...) that you downloaded from Semarca.

5.  Double click on the file.

6.  Click OK.  The install will begin.  This can take up to 30 minutes depending on what is in the update.  

7.  The wizard will pop up.  Click NEXT on the questions.  ***If you do not use Q:\ as your drive then you must change the drive letter for the folder.***

Note: If you get the message stating you need to restart your computer, someone is not out of the system.  The update DID NOT RUN and you need to start over.  If you use the "Email Users Get Out" function on the Users screen, we GUARANTEE this will not happen.  Also check to make sure everyone is out of Crystal Report Writer and SAMS Report Designer.

8.  When the Finish Window appears, place a check in the box that says LAUNCH THE PROGRAM.

9.  Click Finish.

10. When the Update window appears, click on the UPDATE button.

Note: If you get an error message and the update stops, you might have a corrupted record in one of your database tables.  Please go into SAMS, from the Utilities menu, choose Pack/Reindex Database.  On this screen click on the box for "Run Database House Keeping?" and click on Run.  After this is complete, close out of Sams and run the update/release again.

11. When it says "Process Complete", click close.

12. Using Windows Explorer, map out to Q:\dapps\memb

13. Find the file called "shutdown.txt".

14. Delete the file.

15. Log in to SAMS.

16. Go to Utilities>Users, click on "Email Users Back In".

17. Your users will receive an email stating that it is OK to log back in to SAMS.

You're done!  Don't forget to have SAMS users review the readme.txt file under the dapps\memb folder that outlines the changes made in the update.

NOTE:  If you get an error message with I/O error 32, then you must reboot your network server and try to run the update again.