How to Send a Group Fax in SAMS using RelayFax

1.  Using the grpemail report in Standard Reports, change the criteria to reflect your needs.  Run the report.


Use a custom report you've created.

2.  Export the Data.  Be sure to save it as a character separated file (.chr).

for help on the above steps, please go to how to create a group fax report .

3.  In SAMS, go to Utilities > Group Email/Fax.

4.  In the To File field, use the ellipses button to map out to the report you will be using.

5.  Fill in the subject line and type out your message.

6.  Uncheck the box next to "Include Salutation"

7.  If you are sending the fax without an attachment (i.e. no other pages attached), check the box that says "Fax Only?".  Skip to Step 8.



If you are sending the fax with an attachment (there are other pages, like a word document, attached), place a check in the box that says: "Create RelayFax Broadcast Fax File".  Go to Step 7.

8.  Click on Send.  This creates a file that is called RFyourfilename.  This will be exported as a .txt file.

9.  SAMS will ask you if you want to send this group of emails.  Click YES.

10. SAMS will send RelayFax an email.

11. Go to the RelayFax Server.

12. Open RelayFax.

13. Follow the steps of How to Use Relay Fax.