Member Sub Menu

SAMS provides quick and easy access to various programs through the sub-menu in each module.  To access the sub-menu, either right-click or select F3.  Once the sub-menu is displayed, notice each program has an underlined letter, strike the underlined letter of the requested menu item.

Sub Menu Descriptions

Buyers Guide

Use the buyers guide screen to create a record for your membership directory or vendors (buyers) guide. You can also use the simple built in accounting fields to track monies for your directory listings. You can also use this screen to store additional information for this member.

Call Backs

The SAMS  system provides a call back system that integrates telemarketing into your association. Every person in your office can post a personal call back. There is no limit to the number of call back records that can be attached to an individual.


With SAMS  you will be able to email directly from the record, provided you have a MAPI compliant messaging system (such as Outlook).


SAMS  will enable you to fax an individual directly from their screen, provided you have an interface with faxing software.  Contact the Semarca Corporation for compatible software.


By selecting the option, SAMS will show you all individuals attached to this member record.

Paste to Clipboard

If you have the need to paste the individual's name and address, simply select Paste to Clipboard.


To see all membership payments made by this member, right click and choose this option.

Print Invoice

If an invoice name has been entered in the Association Info screen, then that invoice will be printed.  There will need to be a parameter named membno added to the invoice and a filter with "MID = ?{membno}.

Services Maintenance

Service codes are similar to history codes, but are directly related to the member (not individuals).  Some examples could include services provided or endorsed by your association the member utilizes.  Industry specific codes, hours of operation or years in business are also examples.

View Multiples

SAMS give you the ability to view all multiple (branch or satellite) offices attached to this prime member.

Word Interface

Need to send a letter to this individual?  When you select the Word Interface from the sub-menu, SAMS  will open Word and automatically put the individual's name and address, along with the salutation.

Show All Records

When you use Master records, you can now choose to see all records including Master and branches/satellite offices.

Show Masters Only

When you use Master records, you can now choose to see just the Master records only without branches/satellite offices.

Only Active Members

You can now choose to see just the active members instead of all member records (including inactive).