Change Fields Option

This global change screen is a powerful tool to be used when changes need to be made on a system wide scale. Please make sure you have a good backup and that everyone is out of the system. After a global change has been made, you will need to get out of the system and then back in if you are going to do another global change.


To change the value in a field follow these steps:

1. Table - Choose the table in which the field belongs.

2. Fields - Enter the name of the field you are going to change.

3. New value - Enter the new value for the field.

NOTE:  If the value is character based (i.e.,code, description, name), you will need to add single quotes around the new value.

4. Filters - Enter a filter if needed.

5. If you want the system to update the association notes regarding the field change, check this box.

6. Choose either to Change, Cancel, or Close.