Exhibitor Sub Menu

SAMS  provides quick and easy access to various programs through the sub-menu in each module.  To access the sub-menu, either right-click or select F3.  Once the sub-menu is displayed, notice each program has an underlined letter, strike the underlined letter of the requested menu item.

Submenu Descriptions

Booth Staff

The sub-menu item will display the booth staff screen allowing you to see those individuals that have been attached to this exhibitor as booth staff or you can add additional booth staff.


A listing of all booths assigned to this exhibitor will be displayed.

Call Backs

The SAMS  system provides a call back system that integrates telemarketing into your association. Every person in your office can post a personal call back. There is no limit to the number of call back records that can be attached to an individual.


Use the directory screen to create a record for your exhibitor directory. You can also use the simple built in accounting fields to track monies for your directory listings. You can also use this screen to store product information for this exhibitor.


With SAMS  you will be able to email directly from the record, provided you have a MAPI compliant messaging system (such as Outlook).

Exhib w/Same Products

A listing of all exhibitors that have the same products will display here.  This will assist in situations when an exhibitor does not want to be by someone else selling the same product.  This information is compared using the product category on the exhibitors expo 2 tab.


Right click and select fax to send a fax to the exhibitor contact.


A listing of all individuals attached to this exhibitor.

Mailing Label

Open Web Page

Paste to Clipboard

If you have the need to paste the individual's name and address, simply select Paste to Clipboard.


A display of all payments this exhibitor has made to the association related to this expo.


You can view all points assigned by year, as well as add additional points.

Print Invoice

You will have the capability of printing an invoice for the particular exhibitor selected.

Shipping Label


Word Interface

Need to send a letter to this individual?  When you select the Word Interface from the sub-menu, SAMS  will open Word and automatically put the individual's name and address, along with the salutation.